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These documents provide practical guidance to EMV planning, as well as insights to products and services that you will be researching as you move forward with EMV, mobile commerce and other changes to payments.

  • Help for Merchants

    Help for Merchants

    EMV migration is a complicated topic because there is no "one implementation solution fits all" for retailers. That has created a significant amount of confusion for many merchants. ACT Canada offers many ways for merchants to get unbiased information and clarification. On this site the Merchant Forum is area where merchants can ask EMV migration questions and receive responses from peers and industry experts. The Merchant Strategic Leadership team actively supports merchants goals related to payment. Check the Merchant tab for more information. We feel that much can be gained from collective, open, and non-aligned discussions.

  • Chip Migration

    Chip Migration

    Card issuers are using a standard called EMV, developed by Europay MasterCard, and VISA for chip-based debit and credit cards. This standard has been in use and proven in many countries around the world. Chip-based cards contain an embedded computer chip that chip-enabled terminals are able to read - providing increased protection against counterfeit and lost and stolen card fraud by validating the card and the cardholder. The migration to chip cards and point-of-sale terminals in Canada will take place over several years. Each financial institution and payment service provider has its own timelines and strategies for issuing chip cards and rolling out chip terminals.

  • About Us

    About Us

    EMV Canada is a web site provided by ACT Canada to provide a neutral forum for consumers, merchants and the media to learn and share information related to secure payment. Founded in 1989, as a non-profit membership association, ACT Canada helps members understand the market, public and private sector applications and potential opportunities and barriers. EMV Canada and ACT Canada take a non-partisan approach to all issues and facilitate cooperation among and between all stakeholder groups.

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