Cashier/Staff Education

I hear that my cashiers will no longer handle the customer’s credit card. Is that the case, because that would impact staff training?

Correct. Cashiers will no longer need to handle the customer’s card. Customers should dip their own card and enter their own PIN.

Training cards containing actual issuer test data and keys are used to great effect in the UK Chip & PIN rollout for this very purpose ie merchant training and confidence testing. Cashiers training should include the knowledge of what to do with a chip card, what happens if the PIN is blocked or a retry needed.

A transaction using a Visa chip and PIN card with chip-reading terminals is simple. Rather than swiping the Visa card and signing a receipt, the cardholder inserts their Visa chip card and enters their PIN to verify their identity.

  • The cardholder inserts the Visa chip & PIN card into the chip-reading terminal instead of having it swiped by your staff.
  • The Visa chip & PIN card remains in the chip-reading terminal for the full duration of the transaction process.
  • The prompts on the terminal guide the cardholder through the transaction process, and will direct the cardholder when to enter their PIN to authenticate the transaction.
  • When the transaction is complete, as indicated by the prompts on the terminal, the cardholder removes the card from the terminal. No signature is required.
  • The Visa chip & PIN card also has a magnetic stripe that enables it to work with non-chip-reading terminals. The Visa card is swiped and the usual magnetic stripe transaction process applies. The cardholder is required to sign the receipt to complete the transaction.
If the chip doesn’t work can we use the stripe or key in the card number?

The terminal will recognize if the card is a chip and PIN card and will be expected to authenticate the chip and PIN and then go online for authorization. If the chip is damaged and the merchant swipes the card, they will accept the liability.

How much training do I need to do with my cashiers and IT staff? Will materials and training classes be available?

U.K. payment providers conducted a chip and PIN trial in Northampton in 2003 and found the following benefits for merchants:

  • The onus of authenticating a cardholder’s identity shifted away from the merchant to the card.
  • Reduced administration costs, especially related to receipt tracking.
  • Reduced customer lineups due to the faster chip and PIN payment processes
  • Quick for merchant staff to master: Staff required three chip and PIN transactions per shift at a major supermarket to become proficient and cashier and store staff training took place in as little as 15 minutes per individual.