Hardware Related

What type of terminals can I choose from?

Essentially all internationally recognized and Scheme certified manufacturers have solutions for EMV based chip & PIN. You should choose the solution that fits with your retail environment and need to mitigate mistakes. Tesco and other multi-lane retailers installed swipe & park POS readers to take the decision of chip or mag away from the attendant and to speed up the transaction speed.

What do we need to know about contactless before we make decisions about terminals?

It is the merchant choice regarding acceptance of contactless cards. If the merchant chooses to accept contactless then the POS will need to be able to accept this form of payment and training will be required regarding when a PIN is required (over $25 for Visa and MasterCard).

How reliable is this new technology? Do we need to worry about cards or terminals failing?

The technology is proven and has been in existence for multiple decades. In fact, the technology should be more resilient than existing mag stripe due to reduced wear and tear. Failures will occur, and appropriate fallback procedures should be followed.

Our POS system is integrated into our cash registers. How will chip cards impact our system?
  • This is not a small investment and impacts retailers in your model. Tesco however will attest to the value that it has delivered since. You will need to investigate suitable security compliant solutions for both the PIN pad and chip reader as applicable.
  • Processing capability and speed should be less of an issue to standalone terminals, but is a consideration for DDA based chip cards.
I hear about testing and certification, but as a retailer do I have to do anything about this?

Your acquirer will inform you of their specific merchant certification test requirements necessary to ensure end-to-end compliance and reduce risk of interoperability problems.

Is it true that there are no terminals available in Canada which meet both the PCI PED and EMV requirements?

It is not likely to be true today, but it is likely, a number of terminals installed in the field would fail these requirements.