Merchant Strategic Leadership Team

As EMV cards enter the Canadian market, merchants must make decisions around compliance, training and other investments. This is complex, given the diversity of merchant POS systems.

To help them get information to assist in their decision making, ACT Canada formed the Merchant Strategic Leadership team (MSLT) in 2008.


  • To connect merchants with information and other stakeholders - related to EMV, contact and contactless cards, mobile payment, and other emerging payment applications and technologies in the Canadian market.
  • To support merchants and help them better understand the roadmap, issues and opportunities
  • To provide a neutral forum in which merchants can share information and best practices
  • To identify questions and answers that can facilitate payment in the Canadian market
  • To recognize merchants as key stakeholders in secure payment

The Team Has Written 3 Presentations

To access "Best EMV Practices for Merchants", go to:

To access the "Engaging Merchants" presentation, go to:

To access "Building a Roadmap for Payment Changes from the Merchant Perspective", go to:

To learn more about the team, their members, accomplishments to date and focus for 2010, download the 2010, Q1 newsletter, go to

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The team is open to all merchants. To join, or get more information, please contact

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