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Language Program
3. Elementary Chinese Courses
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Elementary courses (Level 1): This is a compulsory course that provides comprehensive language skill training. The student will be equipped with fundamental communication skill via lectures of basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar as well as comprehensive practices of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There are 2 formats of classes for this level.
Elementary Chinese A: This is a primary lecture class, including basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar learning.
Elementary Chinese B: This is a practice class, reviewing and practicing what are learned in Elementary Chinese A. Practical skills on listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehension will all be trained.

Elementary courses (Level 2):

Elementary Chinese: This is a comprehensive language skill training class composed of Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is aimed at improving communication skills of the student.

Elementary Chinese Listening and Speaking: This is a listening comprehension and speaking skill cultivation class. Through listening, the student will learn about Information and common knowledge essential to daily living in China. Through speaking, the student will learn to verbally convey the information and solve various kinds of problems that may be encountered in their daily living. This will enhance the student’s practical communication skill.

Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing: This is a reading and writing skill cultivation class. It aims at advancing the student’s reading ability and teaches basic reading strategy and skill. From the reading content, the student will learn about the complex structure of Chinese writing and short articles which will be used to improve the student’s basic and practical writing skills.

Chinese characters (optional): This is a reading and writing skill cultivation class for Chinese characters. This class via interesting lecture briefly introduces the origin and evolution of Chinese characters to deepen the students’ understanding of characters.

Chinese Phonetics (optional): This class aims to equip the students with knowledge of Chinese phonetics, to correct the students’ pronunciation, rhythm and tones, to enable the learners to master Chinese intonation and improve their reading skills.

Spoken Chinese (optional): This is a spoken Chinese training course, aimed at equipping the students with abilities to conduct daily conversations and general communication.

Practical Elementary Chinese grammar (optional): This is a class to cultivate knowledge and skill of Chinese grammar. Through explanation and bulk grammar drills, this class aims to straighten out basic grammar points of the elementary period, and help students understand and grasp Chinese grammar rules.  

Language use This is an integrated skills classes that aims to improve Chinese skills through frequent practice and various exercises including word practice, summarizing grammar points and various integrated drillsdeepening and strengthening students’ grasp of Chinese words and grammar understanding the rules of how to distinguish and memorize Chinese charactersconsolidate and broaden vocabularyimprove reading ability and skills improve one’s ability to implement Chinese knowledgewhile you can grasp that how to deal with the New HSK exam at the same time .


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